General Outline
We offer a schedule that takes about 10 months to be completed .Each 10-month period consist s of 5 levels. In the first 2-3 levels students develop the basic oral/written skills for active and communicative use of Farsi, with a special emphasis on structure and vocabulary. The last levels will concentrate more specifically on the students' interests, such as Persian literature, history, translation, religion, art, etc. Since the students are likely to come from a variety of contexts, it is expected that they will have different linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, before starting they will take a placement test based on which they will be assigned to different level courses. After gaining fluency and accuracy in the language, students will be offered courses which are specifically related to their interests or field of study. These courses include contents reflecting the requirements of Persian Literature, Persian History, Persian Culture and Religion, Translation of Persian texts, and Persian Linguistics.


The Program
The Persian Language Learning program (PLLP) consists of 5 levels of intensive language and content specific courses, each lasting 2 months, based on a 5-day weekly schedule. Students participating in the PLLP will attend morning and/or evening classes 6 hours a day. Before beginning the course, however, they will take a placement test to start the course at the right level from prerequisite to level 2. During the first week of their stay, students will take part in orientation sessions and trips during which they become familiar with university departments, libraries, and campus as well as the cultural and historical backgrounds, and convenient shopping centers of the city of Shiraz. The courses we offer range from elementary, intermediate (oral and written) to advanced language skills (structure, vocabulary, note taking, error analysis). Upon completion of these courses, we offer optional credits based on students 'needs and interests. Occasional case is offering this program for individual and group applicants.


The services offered to students during their stay in Shiraz include accommodation, food, and tuition, as well as introducing them to Persian speaking environments such as public lectures.


- Accommodation will cost students about 100 Euros per month and 50% of the cost will be received in advance.
- Insurance for accidents and Wifi connection is also among the options for students of PLLP.