The opening of the "TU Dresden Ceremony" at Shiraz University was held on April 15th, with the presence of two university chancellors, the Mayor of Shiraz and Lord Mayor of Dresden, the Deputy Governor of Fars, a group of faculty members and officials from the universities of Shiraz and TU Dresden.

Dr S.R. Fallah Shamsi, Head of the Department of Scientific & International Cooperations at Shiraz University, stated that the purpose of this program was to expand scientific international cooperations. He also stated that Shiraz University and TU Dresden have agreed to pursue mutual collaborations as strategic partners.

The "TU Dresden Ceremony" went on until April 17th, with different programs including joint meetings of officials from both sides, match-making sessions among professors of both universities and presentations of joint project proposals.

Moreover, joint technical meetings of faculty deans from both universities was held, followed by Shiraz University tours for all German guests, visiting different laboratories and cultural heritage sites.

This event seeks to celebrate the significant scientific cooperation between the two countries, and provide platforms for expanding scientific cooperation between scientists and academic members of the two universities.

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