Delegates from different German research institutions visited Shiraz University to give some insight into the procedures and the requirements of education in Germany. The meeting was attended by Shiraz University Officials and also, students and staff members who were interested in pursuing their studies at German Scientific Institutions.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was held at the Kharazmi Conference Hall, Dr. Goshtasbirad, expressed his high hopes to witness the expansion of international activities in academic societies through meetings of such kind. The President of Shiraz University further added that Shiraz University has had positive collaborations with German academic institutions so far and there is still enthusiasm from both sides to move this to another level.

dr goshtasbi

Dr. Safavi, Vice-President of Shiraz University, also clarified the academic ties between the Government of I.R.Iran with several European Countries which reaches up to about 300 scientific projects and this can provides the suitable platform for those scientists who wish to pursue their studies at German academic institutions.

Dr Safavi


Also, Dr. Safavi stated that Shiraz University is ready to provide special support for 3 proposals offered in the fields discussed during this meeting.