Shiraz University’s Administration Board met with delegates from Universiti Sains Malaysia to discuss matters of mutual collaboration. At this meeting, which was also attended by some Shiraz University professors, Dr. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Office, gave an introduction to Shiraz University and added that this collaboration will lead both sides to an exchange of university students and professors, joint projects, and joint conferences.

Also, Dr. Gashtasbirad, President of Shiraz University, insisted that the scientific collaboration between Muslim countries can lead to a synergic alliance among them. He also added that the two countries can set a good example of the fluent cooperation between Muslim countries.

Dr. Safavi also pointed out the cultural and religious similarities among the two nations and stated this can be a foundation for mutual collaboration in different areas, including academic fields of interest. The Vice-President of Shiraz University added that the university is willing to broaden its scope of international collaborations and with that in mind, an utmost attention should be concentrated on the implementation of these joint MoUs.

Dr. A. Esmail, Vice-Chancellor of USM, expressed her fondness of Shiraz University and added that at the moment, USM has up to 1800 foreign students with 122 being Iranian, which makes Iran the 5th country in this sense. USM is ranked 330 in QS global rankings.