Officials from Shiraz University and the University of Information, Technology & Communication of Iraq met the other day to discuss opportunities for mutual academic collaboration.

Dr. Azimifar, Head of International Relations Affairs at Shiraz University, stated that the exchange of university professors and scholars between the two universities and also, the expansion of academic cooperations via research and joint projects are seen in this agreement. According to Dr. Azimifar, collaboration with foreign universities is a main policy that Shiraz University is seeking and this university will take every chance and opportunity to strengthen ties with universities who can help in the expansion of any academic and scientific field, especially universities from neighbor countries like Iraq.

Also, Dr. Gashtasbirad, President of Shiraz University, welcomed their guests from Iraq and added that our culture and history is very much interrelated and this provides a suitable opportunity to expand all scientific cooperations beyond our borders.

Dr. Albakry, President of the University of Information, Technology & Communication of Iraq, stated his contentment from visiting Shiraz University and insisted on their willingness to expand scientific bonds with Shiraz University in different academic fields. He added that their university has been in charge of a number of national projects of Iraq, especially in industrial fields.

Dr. Safavi also spoke a few words to stress the potential subjects of cooperation. He stated that Shiraz University is one of the leading centers of electronics sciences in the country and especially in the field of ICT where Shiraz University has valuable experience, mutual collaboration can be sought. He also insisted that the main target should be reaching a phase of action as soon and as effective as possible.

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