Delegates from different German research institutions visited Shiraz University to give some insight into the procedures and the requirements of education in Germany. The meeting was attended by Shiraz University Officials and also, students and staff… more


Shiraz University’s Administration Board met with delegates from Universiti Sains Malaysia to discuss matters of mutual collaboration. At this meeting, which was also attended by some Shiraz University professors, Dr. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Office, gave an introduction to Shiraz University and added that this collaboration will lead both sides to an exchange of university students and professors, joint projects, and joint conferences.

Also, Dr. Gashtasbirad,… more

According to a faculty member at the Shiraz University Veterinary School of Medicine, the university has managed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in expanding scientific cooperations and awarding joint degrees in aquatic health.

Dr Soltanian also added that according to the Times Higher Education rankings, at the moment, Ghent University places 118 universally and 52 among European universities. Through this MoU, PhD students will conduct the main proportion of their research at… more

Erasmus+ Shiraz

The workshop to strengthen the internationalization of higher education was held for three days at Shiraz University.

The representatives from the two European Universities presented in two discrete sessions their international experiences regarding student and staff mobility, holding and hosting different colloquia, securing and collecting budgets, and different strategies for capital raising, and shared their best practices in these respects. The sessions were continued with… more

MoU with Ca’ Foscari

In a joint MoU signed between Shiraz University and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the two sides made a decision to enhance the attendance of Ca’ Foscari students at the Persian Language Learning Program of Shiraz University. Ca’ Foscari will introduce their students who are willing to learn Farsi and Shiraz University will provide them with accommodation, visa application and other facilities, plus a %10 discount for course fees.

So far, 15 students have registered to learn Farsi… more

Iraq Mou

Officials from Shiraz University and the University of Information, Technology & Communication of Iraq met the other day to discuss opportunities for mutual academic collaboration.

Dr. Azimifar, Head of International Relations Affairs at Shiraz University, stated that the exchange of university professors and scholars between the two universities and also, the expansion of academic cooperations via research and joint projects are seen in this agreement. According to Dr. Azimifar… more


An English translation of Dr. Rahimian’s book, “Principles of the Islamic Theoretical Mysticism” was published in London, which mainly focuses on the foundations of theoretical mysticism in Islam. The book which has been published by the Islam and West Research Center in London, is now being taught in educational centers in London, Malaysia and Indonesia. At the moment, the book is in its 8th edition in Iran.

Sapienza University of Rome

Prof. Carlo Cerutti, Head of the International Affairs at the Sapienza University of Rome,

met with a number of Shiraz University Officials to pursue chances of mutual collaboration between the two universities.

The two sides stressed the need for a vast scientific and academic cooperation and also discussed the opportunity to set Shiraz University as the research gate to Eastern & Iran studies in Italy.


According to the 2017 rankings of the best universities given by the Times Higher Education, Sharif University of Technology, Shiraz University, and Tehran Medical University have been ranked as the best universities in Iran. In 2016 only eight universities from Iran were included in this ranking, whereas in 2017, fourteen universities from Iran were among the top universities rankings.

Based on these rankings, Sharif University of Technology received the highest ranking among… more

Erasmus+ MArburg

Dr. Z. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Affairs at Shiraz University announced that the join proposal for an Erasmus+ project between Shiraz University and the University of Marburg has been approved by the European Union. The project is to be commenced this year and will continue for two years and will aim to achieve several objectives:

Student mobility from Shiraz University to the University of Marburg

Teachers’ mobility from Shiraz University to the… more