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In order to propagate the international identity of Shiraz University and prepare a proper context for the young talented students of other countries, and based on admission regulations of non-Iranian students in the universities and higher education centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran approved by ministers of Science, Research and Technology, and Health and Medical Sciences, Shiraz University intends to admit foreign students.


The admission is granted based on two types of students, i.e., type one and type two




1.Non-Iranian candidate: those candidates with non-Iranian nationality who have a valid certificate of graduation from Iran or countries other than Iran.


2.Type One Students: A student who according to the educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a grade point average (GPA) above 17 out of 20 in his last educational degree. A student who, regarding the admission quotas of each country and the capacity of each field, has been introduced to the university by the ministry and his tuition is paid by his government or the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the respective university.


3.Type Two Students: A student whose grade point average (GPA) in his last educational degree is in accordance with Table One. This admission will be granted with regard to the admission quotas of each country and the capacity of each field. These students will personally pay their tuition and fees.


Terms of Admission

         1. General Conditions


1-1 No legal prohibition for education and residence in Iran

1-2 Possessing a valid certificate of physical and mental health confirmed by physicians approved by the delegates of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1-3 Possessing a confirmation of the candidate's qualification from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the respective country or from Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1-4 Filling the commitment letter based on full knowledge of the laws and regulations regarding admission procedure during registration.

           Observing the education, student and disciplinary standards of Shiraz University and Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


 2.  Specific Conditions


2-1 Having the completion certificate of at least one of the current educational program in Iran such as diploma (formal education for 12 years), bachelor and master to entre the bachelor, master and doctorate educational programs respectively. This completion certificate should be approved by the qualified authorities of the respective country and the delegates of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the time of registration and it should be evaluated in the same document in Iran.

2-2 Possessing required GPA for admission according to the following table:

The requested educational program

GPA of the last educational degree for entering the universityThe minimum GPA for each semester after entering the universityrequired GPA for students based on the requested educational program

Bachelor14 out of 20 or its equivalent12 out of 20

Master14 out of 20 or its equivalent14 out of 20

Doctorate15 out of 20 or its equivalent16 out of 20


Note: Obviously, education regulation of BA, MA and PhD is the criterion of the action.


Note: Extending the admission of the already admitted candidates is possible only if they score the minimum average, as in the third column of Table 1, in each semester.


Note: The mean GPA of first and second semesters will be taken into account when calculating the minimum GPA for each semester after entering the university.


Note: Only those fields that foreigners are allowed to study in the universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran can admit foreign applicants.


Note: Admission of candidates with an associate degree in bachelor degree program is permitted.


Note: The validity of the identity cards of Afghans and Iraqis will be verified with reference to the last directive of the General Office of Managing Student Affairs, directed by the ministry of the respective country.


Note: The applicant of education in Master and Doctorate programs should offer the admission agreement of a supervisor (for Ph.D. students at least an Associate Prof.) to the Admission Office of Non-Iranian Students. This agreement should be confirmed by the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs of Shiraz University International Division.


Note: The related department is responsible for the admission of students. The department determines to accept or reject the applicant's request and can interview the applicants through different means (electronic, on person, etc.)


Note: After entering the university, the student is bound to participate in the Persian Exemption Test being held in the university. If one does not get the required grade, s/he should take the Persian language courses. 



The provisional tuition per semester is according to the following table and will be finalized after the approval of the Board of Trustees.












Note: The tuition per semester does not include the cost of accommodation, meals, insurance, etc.


Note: Special discount on tuition fee will be considered for talented applicants from neighboring countries.