Persian Language Learning Program (PLLP) aiming at making the Iranian culture and civilization known to the world, Shiraz University has arranged to provide services to those foreign students who are interested in learning the Persian language, Farsi, in a real, interactive and cooperative context. Such environments could promote long lasting and useful retention together with a deeper insight into the Iranian culture and lifestyle.
Below it is argued why Shiraz may be the best host for the program in terms of the specific characteristics of the city.



Historical View


Shiraz, the center of the province of Fars, is known as the cultural capital of Iran. It is the heart of Iran's history and a center for the rich Persian literary heritage.
It has been the cradle of civilization and art for many centuries. Famous philosophers, thinkers and poets produced their masterpieces in this beautiful city. Every year more than 300,000 tourists visit the historical and spectacular sites of Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, Naghsh-e Rajab and Pasargadae.
There are other numerous historical monuments located in the city of Shiraz including Naranjestan-e Ghavam, Zainat al- Moulk House, and Eram Botanical Garden .Due to the magnificent architecture of Naranjestan and beautiful view of its surrounding monuments such as Hammam Gachineh and Maktab khaneh, University authorities have worked hard to convert this building into a museum that could mirror the Islamic art and culture in the exhibited artifacts.
The Eram Botanical Garden of Shiraz University is another point of attraction in the city of Shiraz. The history of Eram Garden dates back to the time of the Saljuks. This Garden is well- known for its beautiful cypress trees, Planted parallel to each other with a water canal running amidst. Shiraz University turned the main building into an elegant reception palace by investing a considerable Budget on its renovation.



Advantages of the PLLP


The PLLP classes offered at Shiraz University are all taught by the experienced members of the faculty utilizing technological assistance such as language laboratories, audio- video tapes and computer programs.
Students will also have easy access to libraries, information databases and the word- wide- web as well as interesting textbooks, novels, journals and magazines, newspapers, picture books and the like. Students attending the PLLP will also be given the chance to participate in cultural associations and congregations such as public lectures and speaking programs, student clubs and seminars. Field-trips, visit to historical places, outdoor activities and picnic will also be organized for these students. Another advantage of the PLLP is the relatively small class size (15 students per class) which allows for the opportunity to learn and use the language interactively in a Persian environment, where they can practice to express their thoughts and feelings. The participants will also be free to work with peers in the groups or individually. They will also be required to take part in native speaker, student and teacher conversations. At the end of each level, students will be given tests that measure their achievement, and if able to fulfill the requirements, they will be given official certificates approved by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.




Course Details


At each level, students will study different lessons a week. The first two level aim at improving language skills, structure, morphology, phonology, sentence and paragraph writing and comprehension. In level 3 the mail focus of vocabulary and grammar courses is on the practical and social aspects of language such as idioms, proverbs, the study of different text-type and genres, and familiarity with in/formal language, registers and dialects. The last two levels are completely devoted to courses students wish to specialize in,that is. Literature, translation, linguistics, etc.